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Oakwood Bank Commercial Center

Oakwood Bank Commercial Center is the cornerstone of out treasury and cash management services. The online banking service provides access to your account balances and transactions and to the other electronic services that we offer. With its state-of-the-art security, you can feel comfortable that your accounts are protected and only authorized individuals have access to your accounts and can approve transactions.

Other Electronic Solutions

Sweep Services

Our sweep services allow the most efficient use of your funds and help control checking account fraud by minimizing the funds held in payment accounts. In addition, our loan sweep service provide automated access to funds as they are needed.

Check Positive Pay

The potential for check fraud is always a possibility because of the number of checks that most businesses must use. Check positive pay is a service that allows the timely identification of fraudulent checks and the return of these payments to the bank of first deposit within the legal return guidelines reducing the chance for loss on these payments.

ACH Positive Pay

The increase in the use of the Automated Clearing House (ACH) for electronic payments has provided the criminals the opportunity to draft payments from your accounts without authorization. Our ACH positive pay service allows you to authorize in advance that may be drafted from your accounts. Unauthorized payments will be returned to the originating bank within the legal return guidelines.

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